How to Watch Live Football on PC, Mac and Laptop

How to Watch Live Football on PC, Mac and Laptop

Watch Live Football is simple and easy with GBP sports. Previously, GPB sports had to be watched on mobile devices. But now, we have officially launched our online LIVE streaming which streams over 200 sports with FULL HD quality! Just follow the steps below to register at our website and obtain VIP membership if you register before the end of July!

Step 1.

Register an account


Step 2.

Login to your registered account

Step 3.

You may now view all the channels which we are LIVE streaming! Over 200 sports!


Refer to your friends and get an additional day of VIP streaming time to your account!

If any of your referred friends purchase a subscription, you will get 20% of the purchased duration!

You’re wondering how to get your friends to enjoy it too? No worries, here in this guide, we’ll teach you on how to do it, it’s simple!

Click the icon “Account” at your top right

Send your friends the link by clicking the icon “Copy for share”

Share to your friend and earn extra watching time After completing these steps, you and your friends will enjoy the benefits and features that we were able to provide to you sports fans!

We hope that this guide has helped you with the tips and advice we gave and looking forward to your support for us and the website. With free-to-use live streaming on site, the latest news on our blogs and many more to come!